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This being a beaten video game site, we don't often talk about the games we've played but left unfinished. Or, if we're sticking strictly to our guns, we don't talk about the unbeatable games. Until now!
While I won't write individual, archive-able reviews for all of the below games, I thought it might be fun to discuss some of the "unbeaten" games I've played recently.
Overwatch: Origins Edition
As a strictly multiplayer game, Overwatch is technically unbeatable. You can win individual matches and level your various Overwatch characters up, but there is no "end" to the game. Indeed, as Blizzard continues to do an impressive job of updating the game at a steady pace, it's likely that whatever version of Overwatch you play today won't be the same version that you play next month.
And it's worth playing for at least that long. The variety of characters, the well-balanced map designs, and the over-the-top ultimate abilities lend themselves to repeat play. More than that, though, is the way the game encourages team play. If you're playing solo with a team of people who're only in it for themselves, you're virtually guaranteed to lose against a true Team. When you build a team together, with a mind to characters with complimentary abilities, it's a beautiful thing. And sure, there are problems with the game (such as the "Play of the Game" often getting it dead wrong), but Blizzard is very active about fixing things in a timely manner, so it's worth putting up with the bad in the face of so much good.
No Man's Sky
Plenty of reviews have been written about No Man's Sky, so I don't feel the need to rehash what has already been said. I will say, however, that I was moderately interested in the game before it launched. After it launched -- and after spending probably 15 hours with it -- I'm bored. I'm bored and disappointed in Hello Games for relying on lies and broken promises to sell me on a game that doesn't live up to the hype. It's not like I believed everything Hello Games claimed about the game, but I was looking forward to a game where I had a slight chance of meeting up with other live players (turns out, NMS cannot do that), and exploring planets with vastly different wildlife and vegetation.
Instead, I got a game heavy on resource gathering and light on everything else. Granted, the procedural planet creation is impressive. But what I ultimately do on those planets rarely differs from one to the next, and it all eventually becomes really boring. Had the creators spent as much time on gameplay development as they did on their very impressive procedural environment generation, I'm sure this would be a much more engaging title. As it stands, it's impressive technology.
I guess "beating" it means getting the 6,144 tile, but I don't see myself ever doing that. That would take some super-human math skills that I know I'll never possess. But, I can't stop playing it. For years now, Threes has been my go-to mobile game, filling in the minutes spent in the coffee line, on the pooper, or during those moments of really boring conversation. It's involving enough that I always end a match wanting just one more game, and the matches are short enough that they're perfect for mobile escapes in between life's more important moments. In short, it's good minimalistic fun. And, if you're a math nerd, it's great.

Posted by Cannon Fodder on 27th Sep 2016


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